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M&G wedding agency is specialized in comprehensive wedding organization: from guest invitations to entertainers and photographers selection. Due to our solid experience and great customer feedback, we can provide exceptional service guarantees. Our professional team is ready to develop an event concept, arrange a show program, decorate a wedding room, order a wedding cake and take care of all possible organizational difficulties. However, professional wedding management is just a part of our business strategy; we create unforgettable romantic events, designed specifically for individual couples. Also, we have a partner company in Dubai named Glamour Rose who offers flowers bouquet delivery in Dubai as per the client's wants. 

Wedding planning

M&G Business Priorities:

  • original customer approach, oriented at personal clients' preferences;

  • accurate wedding organization within short terms;

  • wedding budget optimization and funds saving;

  • taking into account unexpected circumstances while planning;

  • free of charge consultation and wedding script coordination;

  • reliable services guarantee and successful project result;

  • availability of a personal wedding planner at any time.

Wedding decorM&G Offers a Wide Range of Wedding Services:

  • We plan wedding ceremonies of any complexity: in UAE and abroad, the place depends on your imagination, M&G takes care of the rest.

  • Script and concept development: our knowledgeable wedding experts originate creative and ambitious or traditional and modest ceremonies.

  • Composing of a wedding album: we are proud of the long-term cooperation with major photographers and operators of Dubai.

  • Wedding dance tutorial: our couples can choose the most comfortable style for them, as classic, jazz or tango. The M&G choreographers will be glad to suggest romantic music from our collection or develop a dance using customer records.

  • We also provide food for parties and corporate events from our partner company


Our Services

Wedding Make-up

Today the main fashion trend of a wedding look is naturalness and individuality. Our make-up artists, hair designers and stylists are involved in glamorous magazines, TV shows and fashion events development. 

Wedding Photography

Certainly, a wedding day is remarkable for every event participant. However, it is not possible to keep memories bright for a long time, while specifically details create unforgettable romantic atmosphere.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding decoration includes newly-weds looks, wedding hall décor and ceremony ornamental details. There is a great variety of elements involved in wedding decoration, and so it is essential to keep to the main wedding concept while combining them in a single project.


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